Enlisted men who worked in the EX Division office belonged to the Yeoman rating; the Navy's clerical rating. Ten Yeomen were assigned to the EX Division. These included a Chief Yeoman (also known as the Ship's Writer [CY]), one Yeoman First Class (Y1c), 3 Yeoman Second Class (Y2c), 2 Yeoman Third Class (Y3c) and 3 Seamen who were "striking" (i.e. receiving on the job training) to become Yeomen.
Yeoman's work required a thorough knowledge of the Navy's administrative publications including:
  • U.S. Navy Regulations
  • Navy Department General Orders
  • Bureau of Navigation (later Bureau of Personnel) Manual
  • Naval Courts and Boards
  • Uniform Regulations
  • Navy Department Circular Letters
  • Fleet and Force Regulations and Instructions
  • Fleet and Force Letters and Memorandums
Good Yeomen were detail oriented, and needed good management and organization skills, and had to be able to type accurately and without mistakes, and take short-hand dictation. Duties and responsibilities of EX Division Yeoman included:
  • Maintaining crew members' service records, such as recording promotions, conduct performance, disciplinary actions, etc.,
  • Making corrections to publications,
  • Recording, routing and filing incoming correspondence,
  • Receiving and transferring personnel (orders),
  • Preparing enlisted personnel assignments (known as bills), such as the Battle Bill, and the Watch and Station Bill,
  • Handling paperwork related to courts martial and non-judicial punishment,
  • Assignment of enlisted personnel to the ship's departments and divisions
  • Preparing various reports required by the Navy, Force commands, etc.
  • Preparing the ship's plan of the day.
Because the USS North Carolina was a combat vessel, Yeomen were not only "paper pushers." When the ship went to General Quarters, Yeoman manned various battle stations. These included:
  • Secondary Battle Plot (battle recorder),
  • Auxiliary CIC (3JW phone circuit talker),
  • Turret Two Booth (phone talker),
  • Damage Control Station (X1JV phone circuit talker),
  • Repair 1 (Forward) (fire party & traffic control, valveman),
  • Repair 2 (Aft) (fire party),
  • Repair 3 (Chief in charge, fire party, valveman & fire party),
  • Conning Tower (3J2 phone circuit talker, JA phone circuit talker),
  • Battle II (JA phone circuit talker, JL phone circuit talker), and
  • Central Station & Fwd. Gyro (JA phone circuit talker)