Uniform & Equipment Requirements for
USS NORTH CAROLINA Living History Crew
The LHC has become the leader in the world of WWII US Navy Living History. As such, our standards need to be more stringent when it comes to uniforms and appearance. This is a WWII impression, not a mixture of time periods. Our job is to depict a WWII sailor. As such, we wear the proper WWII-style uniforms. Even though some of the 1960-70's and today's uniforms may, from a distance, look like they did during WWII, there are differences and most are not acceptable for use in this impression. We won't take "Well, who's going to know" as an excuse.
The availability of quality WWII US Navy reproduction uniform items has reached the point where there is no need to accept modern, non-WWII period substitutes for most of the uniform items. Everything needed for this impression is available as a reproduction or a post-WWII and pre-1980 issue item so that you won't have to try and find originals that fit or run the risk of ruining an original while working on the ship. You are not going to be able to go to your local surplus store and find many original WWII Navy uniforms. We will let you know where to get reproduction uniforms and what post-WWII items are acceptable to be used in this impression.
Below are the requirements for uniforms and grooming in order to participate in the LHC. Of course, original uniforms are always acceptable as long as they are in a presentable condition.
Uniform Description
Minimum Outfit
Required Uniforms
for Full Participation
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